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Hanson Rolls Back To Her Feet

As the bell rings, both Parks and Hanson start to ring the ring. Both newer to the game than the winner is going to be entered in the Discovery Gauntlet – therefore neither girl is currently seeking to let this chance slide. It’s their introduction, they have got this place from the Discovery Vortex online… a lot has ta be swaying in because of both move to a lockup. Sofia is fast to maneuver Pups to the ropes yanking her out of the west into the east. Pups yields, ducking beneath an effort from Hanson. Yields – searching for a dropkick that is large – however, Sofia crosses her arms before her obstructing it! Sofia grabs Parks, turning her early! Pups back into the ropes, and rolls to her feet palmropes.com.

She returns using a tried Penalty Kick – however, Hanson drops beneath the kick, and popping up along with planting Parks using a german – NO! Parks lands on her toes, and fees ahead – Shining Wiza – NO! Hanson rolls to her toes, and falls to her spine until the Shining Wizard can connect – hitting on ropes! Pups reach her feet, and nearly eats a huge Yakuza Kick out of Hanson – however, she grabs the kick, and spins Sofia about, and can the Sonic”You’re Too Slow!” Taunt, along with the audience’s gone! Bowen Castillo: Hanson and Parker are completely KILLING IT right now – and I’ve never noticed the audience soda so tough Shane, for a sequence! Shane Rathary: These two girls are brand new to the game, but you have got to confess, Bowen – which has been nothing but slick!

Hanson catches Pups’ hands – instantly bringing her into the mat! Pups include a look on her face like her finger’s going to be ripped out of its socket – as they clap to her smarts but Hanson proceeds to wrench the finger, then nodding her head to the audience. Her head, shakes, also connect along with her arm with a forearm to the jaw of Hanson! Hanson has command of the left hand, even using it Pups into the southeast corner.

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