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Is Leading The New Future Of Eye Health

Press Release: Hanoi, Vietnam, 20 August 2019: Today marks a historical evening for Hanoi Medical University HMU and its School of Optometry, since the very first graduating class of optometrists finish their level. The HMU cohort of all 43 optometry graduates combines their 12 recently qualified colleagues in the University of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach UPNT, at a developing workforce of locally-trained optometrists. A couple of decades ago there have been just three optometrists practicing to serve a population of 90 million. The 55 scholars specify Vietnam production of optometrists that are prepared to function as eye care professionals to their inhabitants. More than 300 optometry students enrolled in the program involving both inaugural schools of UPNT along with HMU are fueling this stream of optometrists.

Brien Holden Vision Institute with assistance during the NGO Cooperation Program, was to launch its optometry level key. One year after in 2015, a concurrent application followed suit from the north in Hanoi Medical University HMU. There will be over 150 optometrists to serve the population – a result that has been executed by Brien Holden Vision Institute along with our partners, supported by the NGO Cooperation Programme. This is a step towards bridging the sizable gap in eye care service supply and achieving the World Health Organization’s recommendation of a cao dang y duoc tphcm minimum of one optometrist for every 50,000 people by 2020. In reality the statistics revealed that 10.5 million individuals over age 50 years didn’t have the eyeglasses they had for close vision.

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